Epik High’s “Born Hater” MV surpasses 1 million views on Youtube

In just over a day after its release, Epik High’s “Born Hater” music video has surpassed over 1 million views on YouTube! The popular music video comes as a teaser to Epik High’s upcoming album release with the track also featuring rappers Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Bobby, B.I and WINNER’s Mino

“Born Hater” is a part of Epik High’s highly anticipated comeback album “Shoebox”,which will be released online on October 21st  and in stores on October 22nd. The album has a star-studded lineup of artists who collaborated on the album, including Big Bang‘s Taeyang, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan, Younha, Jay Park, Verbal Jint, WINNER‘s Mino, Beenzino, B.I., Bobby, MYK, TBNY‘s Yankie, and Roller Coaster‘s Cho Won Sun.

Epik High also released their track list and have stated that they will be promoting two tracks from the album, which will be followed by their first concert in 5 years on November 15th.

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to check out “Born Hater”! Congratulations to Epik High for this amazing milestone!

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