Eric Nam Addresses The “Eric Nam BTS Butter” Theory

“Is this going to be a song about haters?!”

On a recent episode of his podcast, K-Pop! Daebak, Eric Nam addressed the “Eric Nam ‘Butter’ Theory” surrounding BTS’ new English-language single!

The theory, based on a 2020 Song Exploder podcast featuring the singer, stipulated that “Butter” would be a diss track. In the podcast, Eric touched upon Koreans’ use of the word “butter” to mean something that’s very American, and fans though BTS’ song could possibly be a commentary on that.

Once the song was released, that theory was disproven, as the song is nowhere near a diss track!

During his podcast, Eric spoke about the theory, explaining that he had no idea what “Butter” was going to sound like but was amazed that fans were able to come up with the theory based on what he had said.

I didn’t know what to expect. I honestly had no preconceptions [about “Butter”]. What I did see on Twitter was that everybody, for some reason, took an interview- I did an interview with Song Exploder–which is a great podcast–where we broke down my song “Love Die Young.” And in that, I had talked about how, in Korea, they use the word “butter” to say it’s too American.

–Eric Nam

Although this theory was based around his words, Eric could offer no insight on whether it was true or not!


People were like ‘Oh, Eric said that, in Korea, they use the word “butter” in that context.’ And they were like, ‘Is this going to be a song about haters or something?’ and I was like… ‘I have no idea.’

–Eric Nam

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

He found it amazing that people could come up with such cool theories using something he said in an interview, even though no signs led to BTS.

You guys can run with my words and extrapolate them and make theories, and honestly it’s awesome that people are digging so hard, because it just shows how incredibly loyal and in love ARMY are with BTS–and rightfully so!

But I kept seeing this interview going viral everywhere and I was like ‘This has nothing to do with BTS.’

–Eric Nam

Just like all of us, though, Eric absolutely loves “Butter” for what it is: “a summer feel-good smash”!

Sure enough, the song comes out, it’s a summer feel-good smash. I really like when BTS does these feel good songs. I know they have their more intense side and those are appreciated for the intensity–their performances and all that are incredible. But it’s these songs, even “Dynamite,” where it’s so easy to listen to and so easy to follow along with. I’m a pop-loving guy, that’s just me, and so BTS, keep these coming! Because it makes me feel good and it makes everybody in the world feel good.

–Eric Nam

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

One thing’s for sure: we would’ve loved “Butter” no matter what! To read more about the “Eric Nam Butter Theory,” check out the article below.

An Old Podcast Featuring Eric Nam Resurfaced And Is Now Making Fans Come Up With Theories About BTS’ “Butter”

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