Eric Nam “Ghosted” Fans For Months Then Surprised Them With This Text

“still catching people off guard with my texts i see …”

Popular solo artist Eric Nam recently surprised fans when he finally sent them a text after months of not responding to messages through his public phone number.

Last March, Eric gave out a number that fans could use to contact him, with quite a few lucky fans receiving real responses from the idol! While some believed the texts were fully automated, as many K-Pop companies use the texting app Community for their artists solely as a marketing tool, he quickly put those rumors to rest.

As of late, however, fans noticed that Eric hadn’t responded to any texts for quite a while! In fact, over three months had passed in which Eric’s Community number didn’t even send out an automated update. The last time anyone heard from it was on April 30.

Eric’s April 30 Text Update | Community

That is why on July 19, fans were completely and utterly in shock when Eric wished them not only a great day, but a great week!

Some people had forgotten they even subscribed to his Community, and a few initially thought the message was spam!

A short while later, Eric hilariously responded to everyone that was freaking out on Twitter, giving them an exciting explanation as to why he wasn’t as active on the phone number recently – he’s been busy working on new music!

Are you excited to hear more from Eric Nam?

Eric Nam