Eric Nam Can’t Get Over How Buff NCT’s Mark Is In His Spider-Man Halloween Costume

We’re gonna need Mark to drop his workout routine STAT!

NCTzens have been convinced that NCT‘s Mark Lee is a superhero for a while now. Many refer to him as the “Peter Parker of NCT.”

Fan-edit of NCT’s Mark as Spider-Man

How else can a young man juggle such a hectic schedule as he is in almost all of the NCT sub-units and SuperM? Superpowers clearly!

Mark | SM Entertainment

NCTzens aren’t the only ones, of course, who believe Mark is superhuman (pun intended). Fellow members Johnny and Jaehyun became suspicious of Mark’s “secret identity” in “NCIT HOUSE : Our sharehouse with full of joy and love.”

| NCT 127/YouTube

They noticed one too many similarities between him and Marvel hero Spider-Man. So, they interrogated him.

| NCT 127/YouTube

Yet, he continually denied it. Isn’t that exactly what Spider-Man would do?

| NCT 127/YouTube

It seemed quite suspicious that Mark even owns a Spider-Man costume. Still, during the interrogation, Mark’s main defense was that he was planning to dress up as the superhero for Halloween.

| NCT 127/YouTube

A man of his word, he did exactly that! Finally, Mark revealed himself to be Spider-Man at this year’s SMTOWN Wonderland Halloween party! He made all the fan edits come true by wearing the complete costume.

Mark dressed as Spider-Man at SMTOWN Wonderland 2021 | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

There’s now one more person who is fully convinced that Mark is a superhero. It’s none other than entrepreneur and soloist Eric Nam.

| @ericnamofficial/Twitter

Eric Nam has been an outspoken fan of Mark for years. He had previously praised Mark’s talents in an episode of his DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show back in May 2019, long before any NCT members even guested on the show.

Do you know who I think is incredibly talented as an individual idol? It’s Mark of NCT. I think that kid is so talented. He dances, he raps, he also sings, and he’s a good looking dude. He has the full package.

— Eric Nam

From left: NCT DREAM’s Mark, Chenle, Rejun, Jaemin, and Eric Nam | DIVE Studios

Of course, being a certified Mark Lee fanboy, you know he probably got the notifications on for whenever he posts. So when Mark dropped his Halloween selfies, Eric was quick to comment!

He was amazed by Mark’s prominent muscles in his Halloween costume, along with the rest of us. He teasingly commented, “Bro u work out? Lol.” 

| @onyourm__ark/Twitter

Mark was quick to respond, too, with just as humorous a response. He replied to Eric, saying, “yeah yo all in one day” with a shocked emoji!

| @onyourm__ark/Twitter

Mark seemed to be implicating that his superhero physique came as an overnight success from one day of working out. So, we’re wondering, along with Eric, when he’ll drop his fitness secrets.

| @onyourm__ark/Twitter

While some might argue that Mark’s costume is padded, Eric is not buying that. We all know Mark is lowkey, super muscular!

| @onyourm__ark/Twitter

You’re fooling no one, Mark Lee…

Mark flexing those muscles at SMTOWN Wonderland 2021 | @smtown/Instagram

While we’re all fans of Mark’s new look as Spider-Man, no one is a bigger Mark fan than Eric Nam!

Source: @onyourm__ark