Eric Nam Reveals He Is Very Glad To Have Gotten Close To Jay Park In 2020

“It’s been awesome to get to know him.”

Eric Nam recently revealed that one thing he’s grateful for in 2020 is his newfound friendship with Jay Park!

On the latest episode of K-Pop Daebak Show, Eric Nam talked about tons of topics with his guest, Eddie Nam, such as how he thinks 2020 was totally Jessi‘s year!

The two also talked about how Eric Nam was among the most globally streamed K-Pop male artists of 2020 on Spotify!

Along with Eric, Jay Park had also made the list, and they gave a shoutout to him for just being his awesome self!

Shoutout to Jay Park. Good, good dude. It was great getting to know him over the last year.

—Eddie Nam

Eric Nam then revealed that he loved getting to know him in 2020!

If there’s one person that I was like really glad to have gotten to know this year… Well, there’s a lot, but Jay was one of the people who like… I feel like obviously, I’ve known of him for what? 10, 12 years?

But, to actually connect with him and have conversations and have a drink with him, or do whatever… It’s been awesome to get to know him. So, shoutout to Jay.

—Eric Nam

You can watch the whole thing here!

Eric Nam