Eunha Cries On Radio When Reminded of GFRIEND’s “No-Name” Days

The GFRIEND members shared what they would tell their past selves when they were struggling.

In light of GFRIEND‘s recent comeback with “Apple”, the members appeared on MBC Radio’s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon where they talked about what they would tell their past selves during GFRIEND’s earlier days when they were lesser-known and struggling.


GFRIEND debuted back in 2015, and 2000 days later, they’re well-known and loved by fans, but it wasn’t always that way.

Sowon looked back on their early days after debut and told her past self to run away.

‘Sowon, run away.’ But it doesn’t mean what you think. When we first debuted, we were all cowards. We never went out and always stayed home. We stayed in our accomodation too much that we were told to go out. We should’ve ran away.

– Sowon

Yuju also sent her past self a message and shared that she spent all her early days in the recording studio.

‘You’ll be able to enjoy this soon.’ I worried about my voice so much that I pretty much lived in the recording studio.

– Yuju

And Umji‘s message to her past self?

‘It’s okay. All of this will pass.’

– Umji

But it came to Eunha‘s turn, she couldn’t hold back her tears as she looked back on GFRIEND’s early days.

I want to tell myself, ‘Don’t be so discouraged.’ I was too timid back then.

– Eunha

SinB sympathized with this and added,

I also want to tell myself to ignore what can be ignored. I listened to too much.

– SinB

While wishing GFRIEND only the best from this point forward, check out their new song, “Apple” below:

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