Even BTS Can’t Deny That Jimin Was Born To Be The Human ‘Black Swan’

Facts only baby!

Recently, BTS performed at the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert and once again proved that Jimin was truly a human ‘black swan’.

Jimin’s elegant dancing is no surprise to the fans or the members as they have talked about this time and time again!

| Big Hit Entertainment

While the members were reacting to the “Black Swan” Art Film performed by the MN Dance Company, they couldn’t help but imagine Jimin as the main dancer.

RM commented, “I just substituted this with Jimin and 6 people playing the black swans.”

Suga added, “Jimin, why don’t you take off your shirt too and do it like that.”

Suga continued to hint at Jimin that he would be the perfect candidate for this. “Don’t you think Jimin could have done this if he continued dance?” Jin seemed to agree, “Jimin could do it right away.”

They then proceeded to perform a flawless performance of “Black Swan” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Even V felt that Jimin was the black swan with his response on Weverse. “Black swan=Jimin.”

| Weverse

Everyone’s wishes for Jimin to be the black swan came true when they dropped the official music video for it out of nowhere!

During a music show interview, the host asked, “You’re ‘Black Swan’ music video was released. Can you let us know three main points that we should watch out for?”

J-Hope answered right away, “What more is there to say. 1. Jimin 2. Jimin 3. Jimin.”

And of course our baby mochi Jimin is embarrassed by all the praise from the members!


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