EVERGLOW’s Aisha Cleared Of Her Bullying Charges After Perpetrators Admit It Was All “False”

It’s been 10 months since her allegations made headlines.

EVERGLOW‘s Aisha has officially been cleared of all the bullying allegations made against her.


On December 7, EVERGLOW’s agency Yuehua Entertainment released an official statement regarding the ongoing situation involving Aisha and her alleged bullying rumors.

The label updated fans, sharing that the perpetrators of the bullying allegations “recently admitted that their online content was false and apologized for causing psychological damage to the artists.” They also shared that the anonymous netizens “promised not to write false posts in the future.”

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As a response, EVERGLOW’s agency shared that while they do “plan to respond strongly to these malicious posts and false facts,” the label made the decision to not go forward with their lawsuit.

EVERGLOW, Aisha (far right) | Yuehua Entertainment

Back in February, Aisha was wrapped up in bullying allegations when an anonymous netizen created an online post with numerous accusations, alleging that Aisha was the perpetrator of school violence and sexual harassment. While the agency denied the claims, the case continued to make headlines due to the sudden wave of K-Pop bullying rumors.

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You can read Yuehua Entertainment’s entire statement down below.

Hello, it’s Yuehua Entertainment.

We want to inform you of the progress regarding the posting, spreading of false information, and the defamation related to EVERGLOW’s member, Aisha.

We have taken legal action against the two authors who posted false information and defamed Aisha on an online community.

They both recently admitted that their content was false and apologized for causing psychological damage to the artist, as well as their family for defaming her reputation. They submitted an official statement of remorse.

They also apologized to Aisha and promised not to write false posts in the future. Accordingly, we have decided to drop the lawsuit and we notified the two perpetrators of our intentions.

However, in order to protect the rights and interests of our artists in the future, we plan to respond strongly to these acts of malicious posts and false information without leniency. We will continue to do our best to ensure that our artists do not have to suffer these situations through continuous monitoring.

Thank you.

— Yuehua Entertainment

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