EVERGLOW’s Aisha Allegedly Gets Yelled At By A Male Staff — Fans Demand For Better Treatment

#ProtectEverglow has been trending on Twitter.

An audio clip of a now deleted V Live featuring EVERGLOW members has been making rapid headlines due to what fans believe may be mistreatment towards the girl group members.

EVERGLOW, member Aisha (far right) | Yuehua Entertainment

An Aisha fan posted the concerning clip onto their Twitter account, where they alleged that during one of EVERGLOW’s V Live sessions, a man can be heard yelling at a woman. The original Twitter user believes that based on the audio clip, the woman that was yelled at was EVERGLOW’s Aisha.

The clip was then quickly deleted by EVERGLOW’s agency Yuehua Entertainment, which fans believe added onto the already fishy situation. Following the upload of this concerning clip, numerous hashtags began to trend on Twitter, such as #ProtectEverglow and #WhatsHappeningInThisVLive as fans began to pour out their concerns online.

Trending EVERGLOW related hashtags | Twitter

This fan “demanded” that Yuehua Entertainment provide an explanation regarding the situation.

Another fan also agreed with the above Twitter user by calling out EVERGLOW’s label.

This fan proclaimed their unending love for the girl group by sharing their support.

This particular Twitter user called out the people who have been allegedly saying that the man had “sneezed.”

Another fan shared the unfortunate “harsh” K-Pop company ways and hoped that “the rest of the girls are okay.”

The concerns reached a netizen who isn’t even an EVERGLOW fan, but still believed that an explanation be provided given the circumstances.

Yuehua Entertainment has not yet addressed the ongoing situation as the concerns of EVERGLOW fans continue to rise.

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