EVERGLOW Fans Grow Concerned Following The Agency’s Announcement About Member Yiren’s Upcoming Hiatus

Yuehua Entertainment announced that Yiren will be away in China for about a month.

On January 9, 2022, Yuehua Entertainment notified EVERGLOW fans, with an announcement shared to the official fanclub, that member Yiren will be returning to China and taking a hiatus from all group activities between mid-January to the end of February.


The agency stated that, during her hiatus, Yiren will be “[pursuing] further education” and “[spending] time with her family, whom she has not been able to see for a while due to the pandemic.” The announcement also clarified that EVERGLOW is to continue promoting as a five-membered group in the meanwhile.

An anouncement titled, “[Announcement] Re: EVERGLOW’s Yiren” | EVERGLOW Daum Fan Cafe

[Announcement] Re: EVERGLOW’s Yiren

Hello, this is Yuehua Entertainment. First of all, we would like to share gratitude for all the fans who love and support EVERGLOW.

We have an announcement about member Yiren. From mid-January to the end of February, Yiren will be in China to pursue further education as well as to spend time with her family, whom she has not been able to see for a while due to the pandemic.

While Yiren is away, EVERGLOW will continue to promote as a five-membered group which means they will appear at all scheduled events without any changes.

Thank you for understanding.

— Yuehua Entertainment

Following the announcement, EVERGLOW fans have taken to social media platforms and online communities to discuss the hiatus. Some fans believe that the trip is most likely in celebration of the Chinese New Year (February 1, 2022) and are happy that Yiren will be able to see her family and get rest.

EVERGLOW’s Yiren | @official_everglow/Instagram

Others believe it is “only a step closer to her leaving the group for good.” Such concern stems from previous cases of Chinese members in K-Pop groups departing mid-contract. Some even pointed out that, with Yuehua Entertainment being a China-based entertainment agency, “[Yiren’s departure] may have been in the making the whole time.”


While Yuehua Entertainment continues to insist that Yiren will return at the end of February, the member herself has not yet made any personal statements and the fans remain confused.

Source: THEQOO