Everglow Fans Worried After Woman On Same Flight From New York Is Confirmed With Coronavirus

Everglow fans are very concerned.

Everglow‘s fans are concerned after it was revealed by the Gangnam-gu Office a woman that works at a management agency was on the same flight back from New York City as Everglow. The woman in question is suspected to be a member of Everglow’s staff.

Earlier in the day, the Gangnam-gu office released a detailed statement showing the 4 new cases for the day in the Gangnam area. One of the cases involved a 23 year old woman, who works at an unnamed management agency. The woman was in the United States for business between the dates of March 3-15, and returned to Korea on March 15 via Korean Air flight 82 (KE082). She came down with a fever on March 27 but took medicine and felt better. However, she was tested for Coronavirus on April 1, and was confirmed positive on April 2.

The reason Everglow’s fans are worried is that Everglow arrived back in Korea on the same flight. KE082 arrived at Incheon International Airport at 3:57 pm KST. Airport pictures of the members began to appear on Korean media outlets at 5:04 pm KST. Factoring in the time it would take for the Everglow members to go through customs and get temperature checks, the timeline further supports Everglow fans’ worries about the members.

Even more parallels between the woman and her possible ties to Everglow lie in her location tracking data provided by the Gangnam-gu Office. On March 27, the day she reported a fever, she went to a hospital and a pharmacy by Gangnam-gu Office Station exit 2. Shortly after that, at 3 pm KST, she went to her office building.

In order to get from Gangnam-gu Office Station exit 2 to the Yuehua Entertainment office in Gangnam, the trip would take from 7 minutes by bus or car, to 20 minutes by solely walking. These data points also fit the time schedule provided by the Gangnam-gu Office.

Further supporting the claim is that Everglow’s appearance on Park Kyung’s Dreaming Radio tonight, April 2, was cancelled 3 hours before their scheduled appearance.

Fans are notably concerned for the members, especially with Yuehua Entertainment’s silence on the situation. Yuehua Entertainment has yet to comment on the situation.