EVERGLOW’s Mia Is Being Compared To Male Idols Due To Her Haircut… & Fans Are Furious

“Women can’t have short hair without being compared to men…”

The world of K-Pop is no stranger to controversies surrounding appearance — with the latest uproar surrounding EVERGLOW‘s Mia and her new haircut. While one might think that a change in hairstyle would be a personal choice and matter, the ensuing drama proves otherwise.

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When Mia unveiled her new, shorter hairstyle during a recent schedule, fans were excited and curious about her revamped look. But what they weren’t expecting was the flood of comparisons to male idols that Mia would receive, both from fans and even her own industry colleagues.

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On the group’s recent stint on Weekly Idol, Mia addressed the elephant in the room. She candidly shared that her fresh hairstyle has been drawing parallels to several male K-Pop icons. MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon, NCT‘s Mark, SHINee‘s Taemin, and Stray KidsFelix were some of the names she mentioned.

| ALL THE K-POP /YouTube
| ALL THE K-POP /YouTube

While some laughed it off as mere coincidence or took it as a possible interaction between two favorite idols,  others delved deeper into what these comparisons truly represent.

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Fans have been fervent in their response, and not just in support of Mia’s new aesthetic. Many have taken to social media, pointing out the inherent gender biases in such remarks. The fans’ response speaks volumes about the desire to break away from gender norms that seem deeply entrenched in the industry, even in 2023.

The K-Pop realm has seen its fair share of idols defying gender norms with their looks, with both male and female artists donning androgynous outfits or experimenting with unique hairstyles. Yet, it appears there’s still a long way to go before such choices are accepted without a ripple of controversy.

A particularly frustrated fan commented on how it still is a “big deal” for women to have short haircuts. This sentiment captures the heart of the issue. For all the progress society claims to have made, certain biases remain entrenched, as evidenced by Mia’s experience.

What further adds to the complexity is Mia’s own confession that she wasn’t entirely on board with the haircut, suggesting it wasn’t wholly her choice. While idols frequently change their aesthetics as per their agency’s or the industry’s requirements, such revelations have fans worried about the autonomy idols truly have over their appearances.

The overarching theme here is one of choice and freedom. Fans across the globe are voicing their concerns and rallying behind Mia, hoping that this incident can serve as a catalyst for change within the industry. A change where idols can be true to themselves without being shoehorned into certain molds.