EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon Talks About The Experience Of Being The Group’s New Leader

She shared what it was like replacing E:U as the leader.

In May 2021, EVERGLOW‘s E:U stepped down as the leader, and Sihyeon was introduced as the group’s new leader to replace her, and she talked about what her experience has been like so far!

Sihyeon | @EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter

EVERGLOW recently held an #AskMeAnything (or AMA) session on Reddit, where they welcomed questions from fans from across the globe!


One of the questions they received was,

For Sihyeon, how has it been being the leader of the group? Does it feel any more different than before or is it about the same?

Sihyeon revealed that the whole thing has been a valuable learning experience for her, and has been helping her grow as a person too!

As a leader, I’m constantly learning how to be more considerate of others. And I feel like I am growing more mature as a person, too.


And she’s doing amazing as their new leader!

You can watch EVERGLOW’s latest comeback “Pirate” here!

Source: Reddit