Every BIGBANG Member Used To Think Seungri Hated Them Because He Never Left His Room…Here’s The Truth 

BIGBANG’s Seungri finally confessed why he never left his room back when the members dormed together.

Seungri has a lot of things to confess being the youngest member of BIGBANG. He did just so on his recent appearance on SBS My Ugly Duckling.


At the later part of the episode, the topic veered towards living together with other people, which he did so with BIGBANG when they were working as a group.


He was further asked, “What was the most uncomfortable thing about living with other people?” 


And this was where he talked about the main reason why he never left his room…

“G-Dragon and Taeyang had dogs. They both raised the pets at our place. G-Dragon’s dog was a breed called a sharpei. It’s very cute but with the wrinkles it smells a lot.” — Seungri


According to him, G-Dragon left the dog in the living room and because of its smell, Seungri couldn’t go out. Since he’s the youngest member, he also cannot just casually voice his complaints to the older members.

“G-Dragon is older than I am, so I couldn’t tell him that his dog smells and that he should do something. I looked it up and found out that sharpeis should be raised outdoors.”


He said because he could not really complain, he ended up being unhappy and stressed about it. Even to the point where the members thought he didn’t like them.


But it was mainly just because of their dogs and just couldn’t complain.


He also took it as an opportunity to vent against his members as most of them are enlisting soon causing laughter on set.

“G-Dragon will be in the army when this airs, It was because of you why I always stayed in my room!” — Seungri