Every WayV Member Talked About How Perfect Kun Is As A Leader And Their Words Will Warm Your Heart

Ten loves to roast Kun but even he had something lovely to say

Kun is definitely a jack-of-all-trades. Not only can he sing, dance and perform magic but he is also the leader of WayV as they embark on their first year of activities in China.

Unfortunately his easygoing personality and soft-hearted nature makes him vulnerable to getting roasted by many NCT members such as Chenle, Renjun and of course his fellow WayV member Ten.

Regardless of the jokes on live broadcast, fans understand that the other members appreciate how talented and hard-working Kun is.

On the second episode of WayV’s reality show Dream Plan, all the members had the chance to admit to the camera their true feelings about their leader.

Lucas said that sometimes, even though Kun is like a little kid, to him he is a real gege or big brother who he looks up to.

Lucas even asked Kun to compete with him previously as a team on Keep Running.

Winwin’s words were aligned with what Lucas said, as he stated that Kun genuinely likes the younger members of WayV.

He likes to play together with us, and really likes to reassure us, and is just plays a really important role in the group

Winwin even said that having Kun in his life is as nourishing as chicken soup for the soul.

Xiaojun stated that Kun ge was really a brother in his eyes. While many K-Pop idols don’t really know their members before training, it is clear that Kun is considered someone who is genuinely friendly and close with his members.

The youngest member Yangyang praised Kun as someone that he looked up to and someone he could always go to if he is feeling lost or clueless.

He praised Kun as someone who is so experienced, and yet so hard-working and determined. Someone of Kun’s character is a perfect fit fo being a leader.

He’s a very intelligent person. He’s smart with life matters. If there’s something you don’t know, he’ll know how to do it, or even if he doesn’t, he’ll learn how to do it.

Hendery carried on with this statement, mentioning that Kun is just that: a caring and helpful person who is always there for his members.

He even referred to Kun as a “fairy” because it feels like Kun always grants him his wishes.

You know in a lot of games when you go in, there are fairies? And you can ask them, hey how do you open this, and oh right right right – Kun is like this.

There’s a lot that I don’t know, or I’ll say “Hey can you help me look at this?”, or when I’m not sure about my opinion. And he will be that fairy that always says “Ok!” and gives his thoughts and helps

Even Ten, who can’t go an episode without making fun of Kun, praised him for his wonderful leadership and intelligent nature.

Kun is very logical. He takes cares of things well and he’s very organized

At the start of Dream Plan, Kun was even spotted packing for his members and taking care of everything, while shouldering the responsibility as a leader.

Even if Kun gets roasted every so often, it is all because the members do it out of love.

It is clear that Kun does an amazing job as WayV’s leader and each of the other members is always appreciative of his efforts.

Kun’s maturity and considerate nature is definitely an example for all of us to look up to.