NCT’s Ten Wouldn’t Stop Annoying The Hell Out Of Kun And It’s Only The First Episode Of WayV’s Reality Show

Someone save Kun from Ten

WayV has just begun participating in their new reality show Dream Plan where they are assigned a few missions to complete each episode.

But it looks like the only mission Ten has is to annoy his leader Kun.

Kun has been one of the most long-suffering members of NCT, with his sweet and kind-natured personality being taken advantage of by his savage younger members.

After only one episode of Dream Plan it was clear that Kun was already fed up with Ten’s teasing.

The WayV members travelled to a farm for the first episode where they had to complete their missions.

They had to drive a vehicle, but unfortunately for Kun, he was stuck with Ten as his driver.

Ten gleefully chose not to drive in a straight line, leaving Kun fearing for his life.

Then after a long period of work, Kun was craving a refreshing can of Coca-Cola, which was in an ice bucket.

When the exhausted Kun walked up to reach for it, Ten picked up the bucket and moved it as far away from Kun as possible.

Kun was absolutely fed up with Ten’s antics to make him annoyed.

Ten then offered to “help” Kun by opening a can of Cola, even though Kun pointed out that Ten doesn’t even drink Coke.

Ten reassured Kun that he was helping him out, to which Kun thanked him for being so warm-hearted.

Just on cue, Ten took a sip from Kun’s can.

It turns out that even though Ten doesn’t drink Coke, the thought of annoying Kun was even more tempting.

Kun was so fed up and exhausted with Ten’s teasing, that he couldn’t do anything other than yell “LI YONGQIN!”

Ten’s savage nature is all in good fun and is how he shows how close he is with someone like Kun.

And the boys had a fulfilling experience together completing the missions.

Unfortunately for Kun, that has only been one episode, meaning that he has an entire season coming up for him to deal with his younger members’ teasing.