Everything NewJeans And Min Hee Jin Related In Conspiracy Theories About HYBE’s Alleged Cult Association

“OMG,” “ETA,” and more have been invoked.

Accusations that HYBE is linked to a cult have gone viral as of April 28, 2024. Korean netizens claim that although fans of BTS have known about this for quite some time, they have kept things on the down-low. As more and more groups are being pulled into the mess, it cannot stay under wraps any longer.

bang si hyuk hybe
HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk | HYBE

The cult that has been named in the accusations is Dahn World. It was created by Ilchi Lee. It is said that HYBE’s founder, Bang Si Hyuk, is a believer in the cult. Fans have been accusing him of using his artists to spread its influence. Some instances that have been named are as follows.

Ilchi Lee | @ilchilee/Instagram
  • Founder of Dahn World also founded a university, Global Cyber University (GCU). Six out of seven BTS members, as well as two TXT members have graduated from or are attending the university. BTS’s name has been used to advertise the university, and TXT has been seen wearing symbols related to but not exclusive to the cult’s beliefs.
  • HYBE allegedly named GFRIEND‘s last album Walpurgis Night, also known as the night to burn witches. Their contract allegedly ended on May 1, after Walpurgis Night which falls on April 30.
  • GFRIEND’s song “MAGO” is also allegedly named after a god that Dahn World worships. Although the god is not exclusive to Dahn World, it is the one they serve.
  • Lyrics in “Attack On Bangtan,” one of BTS’s early songs, allegedly contain a teaching by the cult.
  • ILLIT‘s “Magnetic” also has parallels to Dahn World’s teachings of a “magnetic world” and “magnetic meditation.”

You may read about the above accusations below.

HYBE Accused of Cult Association: Fan-Found “Evidences” Fuel Conspiracies

So how does NewJeans play along into all of this? There have been many theories that ADOR‘s CEO Min Hee Jin tried to fight back against Bang Si Hyuk’s cult activism in the company.

1. “OMG”

“OMG is one of NewJeans’ hit songs. According to many, it was the first instance of Min Hee Jin trying to hit back. The lyrics seem to praise Dahn World, but the music video tells a different story.

Taking a look at the lyrics, it may seem like an innocent love song. But the line “dan neo-ppuniya” translates to “I only have you,” whereas the word “dan” sounds like “Dahn World,” essentially translating to “I only have Dahn World” when interpreted as such. Paired with the other lines, “Oh my, oh my God,” “Asking all the time about what I should do,” and more, fans alleged that it disguises itself as a song about crushes, when it is a praise song for Dahn World.

“OMG” lyrics.

It was even seen in a previous behind-the-scenes video that the producer for the song asked the girls to really emphasize the syllable “dan.”

“It would be good if you can more clearly hear the world ‘dan’.” | NewJeans/YouTube

While Min Hee Jin could allegedly disguise the song, playing to Bang Si Hyuk’s wants, the music video was a rebellion. Fans theorize that the setting of the music video in a mental hospital is a dig at the cult members.

Hanni’s narration at the start also seems to corroborate this theory. At the start of the music video, Hanni recites:

“I exist for you. I will run to wherever you are, whenever you call me. I will show whatever you want me to show, I will speak for you, I will sing for you. What is it that you want from me?”

— Hanni

“Dang-sin” means you in Korean, but Hanni’s unique pronunciation sounds closer to “Dahn Sin,” which fans have theorized as a reference to Dahn World and their god. “Sin” means god in Korean.

Not only this, but Minji also asks in the music video, “Do you really believe that you are Siri?” “Siri” is just one letter away from “Sin-i,” meaning “god.” Hyein‘s train scene also uses the location of “Sinrim station.” It is barely visible in the scene, but eagle-eyed fans have found it by zooming in. The unique choice is allegedly a reference to “god,” or “sin.”

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 6.56.29 PM

Some netizens have tried to debunk these claims by bringing up a past interview with the music video’s director, Dolphiners Films. The director for the music video once clarified in an interview that he meant to target the malicious comments against idols through the music video, claiming that he meant to show just how distortedly the public views idols.

Still, others wonder if the director tried to hide his true intentions, as he also mentioned, “people who are abnormal try to treat normal people as if they are abnormal.” In light of the current situation, many believe that it refers to how those that believe in the cult tried to make non-believers, NewJeans and Min Hee Jin, appear abnormal.

Director Shin Woo Seok of Dolphiners Films behind the “OMG” music video. | Dolphiners Films
As for the bear symbols that keep popping up in the music video, fans have noticed that “OMG” consistently features bears. There is this bear…

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 6.56.40 PM

…and also this stuffed toy one.


It is said that the cult reveres the myth of Dangun, in which the hero is the bear.

Comment about the bear.

“Dahn World is a cult that reveres Dangun. and the bear represents Hwanung (the son of the heavenly ruler) in the myth of Dangun.”

— Comment

2. “Cool With You”

Fans have theorized that the logo for “Cool With You” can also be read as “God with you” due to the unique font.


3. Min Hee Jin’s Struggles Against HYBE

The only exclusive interview that Min Hee Jin conducted after her explosive press conference is with CBS. Fans alleged that she chose this outlet specifically because CBS is a Christian broadcasting station. In order to find a safe space in her fight against HYBE and their alleged cult beliefs, she chose a Christian station to avoid any possible staff members being a part of the cult.

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 7.13.26 PM

During the press conference, Min Hee Jin also revealed some text messages. In one such message, she had complained that she had been “threatened over the music video for OMG,” and made references to “overreaction with an Apple event.


NewJeans had been personally invited to the Gangnam Apple Store opening by CEO Tim Cook.

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 7.15.32 PM

After Min Hee Jin’s press conference, it was found out that HYBE had tried to give the event invite to another artist instead, but due to Tim Cook’s personal invite, they had to send NewJeans. Min Hee Jin claimed in her text message that HYBE tried to snatch the event from her as a way to threaten her over the “OMG” music video.

4. Bang Si Hyuk’s Alleged Discord With Danielle

There have been rumors that Bang Si Hyuk opposed Danielle‘s debut with the group. The rumors, although unverified, claim that he did not approve of her because of her “exotic looks,” but the real reason was because of her name. Danielle is a Christian name that means “judgement” and “condemnation.” Some fans also claim that Bang Si Hyuk allegedly ignores or avoids Danielle’s greetings.


“Didn’t they say that Bang was the most against Danielle joining? Was it because her name is Danielle?”

— Comment

5. “ETA”

Many alleged that the lyrics to “ETA” are a dig at HYBE CEO Park Ji Won, and the company. The lyrics are as follows.

“The day that only you didn’t make it to my birthday party. The day that Hyejin got scolded so much. The day that Jiwon broke up with his girlfriend. The day without you he always. The day he showed up dressed to the nines.”

— “ETA”

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 7.21.33 PM
| @one1bin/x

Netizens have been claiming that “Jiwon” refers to the CEO Park Ji Won, while “Hyejin” refers to Min Hee Jin. They also alleged that it refers to how Bang Si Hyuk was the only one who didn’t attend NewJeans’ debut congratulatory party, as well as how HYBE does not value NewJeans.

Not only that, the entire song talks about the lies that a boy says. HYBE’s management is made up of all men.


6. Bang Si Hyuk’s Alleged Discord With Beenzino

It is widely known that Bang Si Hyuk had once tried to recruit Beenzino to debut in BTS. There was a catch, for Bang Si Hyuk demanded for Beenzino to get a jawline surgery to reduce the size of his facial structure.

Beenzino Was Once Asked to Join BTS, Here’s Why He Didn’t

Later on, Beenzino released the song “Hallelujah.” The lyrics make heavy references to Bang Si Hyuk.

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 7.22.08 PM

“During my underground days a producer came to me and said this
If I work with him all my wishes will come true
The last thing he said was the punch line
I could join him if I just got jaw reduction surgery.
I don’t need your bullet proof
Like that, I declined to be your boy”

— Beenzino in “Hallelujah”

Where does Beenzino come in? Beenzino is also the person who wrote the lyrics for “ETA,” especially the rap part in point 5.

7. Coincidence?

The last point that ties everything together is the date of the emergency stock holders’ meeting that HYBE called for, in order to dismiss Min Hee Jin — April 30, also known as Walpurgis Night, the night to burn witches.


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