EVNNE’s Lee Jeonghyeon Expresses Disappointment Over His Lack Of Screen Time On “Boys Planet”

The talented idol had a respectful message for the producer.

Former Boys Planet contestants KeitaMun JunghyunPark Jihoo, Park HanbinYoo SeungeonLee Jeonghyeon, and Ji Yunseo thrilled fans when it was announced they would be debuting as EVNNE, a project group formed by Jellyfish Entertainment.

The group is set to release their first mini-album, Target: Me, on September 19, and before their official debut, members Park Hanbin, Yoo Seungeon, Lee Jeonghyeon, and Keita joined Jonathan Thona for an episode of his popular variety program, The K-Star Next Door.

(From left:) EVNNE’s Park Hanbin and Yoo Seungeon, Jonathan Thona, EVNNE’s Keita and Lee Jeonghyeon | 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

During the episode, they filled fans in on behind-the-scenes information about the filming of Boys Planet and their preparations for their upcoming debut.

The EVNNE members spilled on their feelings about being eliminated from Boys Planet, and some of the disappointments they faced while on the show.

“Boys Planet” contestants | Mnet

Jonathan Thona addressed member Lee Jeonghyeon, noting that his talents impressively earned him a spot in the finals despite his short amount of screen time throughout the show.

Lee Jeonghyeon admitted that before participating in Boys Planet, he had high expectations that he would be recognized because he put in a lot of effort during practice.

Instead, he was hardly shown on TV, leading the talented former contestant to feel “disappointed.” He revealed that he seemed to only appear on TV for his reactions instead of his performances, except for one performance during which he appeared on TV for one second.

His fellow members thoughtfully confirmed that Lee Jeonghyeon worked “really hard” to make it to the finals despite his lack of screen time.

Jonathan Thona hilariously asked if there was any criticism Lee Jeonghyeon wanted to share with the Boys Planet producer before adding that they’re friends.

Lee Jeonghyeon didn’t criticize the producer, but instead respectfully reiterated that he made it to the Boys Planet finals despite the setbacks he faced due to having little time on TV.

During the interview, Park Hanbin also expressed his feelings about running into the ZEROBASEONE members after their debut. Check out more on that in the article below!

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