EVNNE’s Park Hanbin Opens Up About Watching ZEROBASEONE Debut After His “Boys Planet” Elimination

“They’re almost like an ex.” 😂

Former Boys Planet contestants Park Hanbin, Yoo Seungeon, Lee Jeonghyeon, and Keita recently sat down with television personality and actor Jonathan Thona to film for his popular variety program The K-Star Next Door.

(From left:) EVNNE’s Park Hanbin, Yoo Seungeon, Jonathan Thona, and EVNNE’s Keita and Lee Jeonghyeon | 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

On August 1, it was announced that former Boys Planet contestants Ciipher’s KeitaMun JunghyunPark Jihoo, Park HanbinYoo SeungeonLee Jeonghyeon, and Ji Yunseo would be debuting as EVNNE, a project group formed by Jellyfish Entertainment.

During Park Hanbin, Yoo Seungeon, Lee Jeonghyeon, and Keita’s episode of The K-Star Next Door, they discussed their feelings about being eliminated from the show, their experiences during the show’s filming, and their preparations for their upcoming debut.

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Park Hanbin participated in Boys Planet as a WAKEONE trainee, the same company that manages ZEROBASEONE’s activities.

After being eliminated from the show, he crossed paths with the ZEROBASEONE members at his company and shared that he watched them debut.

He admitted that he chats with the ZEROBASEONE members individually when he runs into them, but finds it difficult to interact with them as a group.

The EVNNE member revealed that he sincerely roots for the 5th-gen group, but he blocked ZEROBASEONE’s social media accounts after Boys Planet ended because it “broke his heart” to see following his elimination.

He hilariously likened the group to an “ex” he couldn’t avoid at the time but shared that he feels better about the situation now that he’s debuting as well.

Fellow EVNNE’s Keita also opened up about his true feelings following his Boys Planet elimination.

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