Ex-MOMOLAND’s Daisy Updates On Her Lawsuit With MLD Entertainment

The lawsuit addressed unpaid wages.

In 2020, ex-MOMOLAND Daisy departed from the group, leaving many questions about why it happened.

Daisy | MLD Entertainment

MLD Entertainment claimed that following Daisy’s dating news with iKON‘s Yunhyeong, her mother demanded that she be allowed to leave the group. In a statement released by the company, they stated they wanted her to continue participating in the group’s upcoming album plans or to take a hiatus rather than leave.

Back in February 14, 2019, a news report announce Daisy’s dating rumors. After checking with Daisy personally, we were able to get the truth and confirm the dating rumors.

3 days after the dating news, Daisy’s mom contacted our company and said, ‘Take Daisy out of MOMOLAND. We’re going to come get her next week.’ We asked Daisy about it and she knew what was going on. We also asked her about participating in the next album promotions that we were preparing and she did not have a firm decision to join so we suggested that she should continue her hiatus.

— MLD Entertainment

In 2022, the star revealed she was “fired” from the group instead of leaving it, as the company claimed. In a live stream, she told fans that even she was unclear why she was dismissed from MOMOLAND.

In addition to the initial conflict about her leaving the group, Daisy shared several shocking revelations about the company. First, she announced that Finding MOMOLAND, the survival show that “formed” the group, was rigged and that the company unfairly rolled production costs into the members’ contracts.

On top of that, Daisy claimed that MLD Entertainment wanted her to pay ₩1.10 billion KRW (about $838,000 USD) in penalty fees to cancel her contract.

Daisy and her mother. | KBS

As a result, she sued the company, winning the initial legal battle before MLD Entertainment filed an appeal. Sometimes, decisions can be overturned and turn out unfavorably for the artist.

It seems the final round of appeals was just completed, and according to Daisy, MLD Entertainment’s appeal was dismissed!

In a tweet on her Twitter account, Daisy shared that everything had ended as of May 16, and had the last laugh, saying, “imagine wasting so much time just to lose.”

You can keep up with Daisy’s activities on her social media, including TikTok, where she often shares dance covers and other content.


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