“EXchange 2” Hyun Kyu And Hae Eun Recreate Their Iconic Date Looks From The Show In Honor Of Their 1 Year Anniversary

Congratulations to the couple!

EXchange 2’s favorite couple is still going strong. Hae Eun and Hyun Kyu have been dating ever since the show ended. Recently, they celebrated their first year anniversary with a trip to Jeju island, where it all started.

Haeeun wore a gorgeous pink dress as she held flowers, likely given to her by Hyun Kyu.

| @__haeppy/Instagram

She posed with the Dior bag gifted to her by Hyun Kyu for White Day in March.

| @__haeppy/Instagram

Recognize the dress? It is from the show, in an episode where the two had a sweet date.

She also posted photos looking beautiful in a black dress.

| @__haeppy/Instagram

While Hyun Kyu did not fully recreate any outfit, he did wear a white tee.

| @am1h23m/Instagram

He was often spotted wearing white tees during the show.

Recognize the background in the photos?

| @am1h23m/Instagram

Fans think that they returned to the beach area where they accepted their feelings for each other in the last episode.

Hae Eun contemplating her choice. | EXchange 2

We love to see how their relationship is still going strong a year after the show.