Netizens Find Evidence That “EXchange 2” Kim Tae Yi Is Dating And It’s Not Park Na Eon

She’s a famous model!

EXchange 2‘s Kim Tae Yi and Park Na Eon were one of the three end-game couples on the show. They received lots of love for their friend-like relationship and how comfortable they were with each other. When the show’s run ended, it showed that the couple had gone out to an exhibition together in September, letting viewers believe that they were still in the “some” (situationship) stage of things.

Tae Yi and Na Eon. | EXchange 2

Fast-forward almost half a year later, netizens have found evidence that things were not as it seems. Netizens are almost sure that Kim Tae Yi might be dating famous model and influencer Kang Tae Ri.

| @taeri__taeri/Instagram

Kang Tae Ri, also known as Taeri Taeri, is known for her work as a longtime model for fashion brand Chuu. She was also famous for being called the “short hair goddess.” A tweet went viral with their thread on the “evidence.”

Tae Yi seemed to want to make things obvious, by posting a recent post of his on his story, captioning it “best valentine’s day ever.” The post was of a trip taken to Busan.

At a similar point in time, Tae Ri also posted a story with the same background. As this is a common area in Busan, nothing was conclusive just yet.

Then, netizens began to exchange accounts of seeing the pair on the trip.

  • “My friend went to Busan and saw Kim Tae Yi right in front of them. They said he was very tall and handsome. What do you think? I’ve never seen him IRL but I agree.”
  • “They said they also saw [redacted] with them… I’ll cheer you guys on.”

Kim Tae Yi has also been hinting at a relationship. He posted a pair of unique necklaces on his Instagram, with a heart emoji.

Kang Tae Ri posted the same necklace.

Tae Ri also confirmed she has a boyfriend through Instagram.

  • “Fan: Nuna, why don’t you have a boyfriend?”
  • “Tae Ri: I do have one though.”

More sightings of the pair began to pour out, backed by photos.

Yesterday, I went to a cafe near Haeundae and saw the two of them together. Tae Yi picked up the phone and was like, “oh, yeah, I’ll go now,”and got up.

— Netizen

It seems like the two barely tried to hide it. 

Isn’t it true that they went to Busan together? Firstly, this is from Taeri Taeri’s story, and isn’t the person holding the tray in the back Tae Yi?

—  Netizen

Many claimed to have spotted the two out and about since October 2022. They also claim to have seen the couple in Jeju, Busan, and around Seoul. It was suspected that the two also went to Tokyo together. Things only became sure for netizens with the Busan Valentine’s day post. On the other hand, there was also word that Na Eon has her own boyfriend and went on a double date with other contestants, Hee Doo and Na Yeon.