“EXchange 2” Sung Hae Eun Deletes First YouTube Video After An Actress And Her Boyfriend Were Spotted In The Background

She also uploaded an apology.

EXchange 2‘s Sung Hae Eun is one of the most popular members of the show. As soon as the season ended, she scored a million followers, touching everyone with her steadfast and loyal heart.

Many couldn’t wait for her to open her YouTube channel. She uploaded her first vlog in early March and quickly gained over 100,000 followers. But a few days later, on March 6, 2023, she took down the video and uploaded an apology.

| HAEPPY/YouTube

Hello. This is Sung Hae Eun. You guys must be shocked that the video suddenly disappeared…! There was some carelessness in the process of editing my first vlog video and so I decided not to upload it again. I’m sorry.

— Sung Hae Eun

While Hae Eun did not specify the reason, netizens were quick to find out that in one of the cafe scenes, a famous actress and her boyfriend could be spotted on a date in the background.

Screenshot from the vlog. | @wjswhdtj/Twitter

Even though Hae Run had deleted the video after the innocuous mistake, netizens were fast-fingered enough to save the clip and reupload it on social media.

The actress turned out to be the award-winning Jun Jong Seo. Luckily, despite the unintended breach of privacy, Jun Jong Seo’s relationship already went public. She herself consistently uploads photos of her director boyfriend, Lee Chung Hyun, on her Instagram.

Fans are now wondering if the two couples had planned an outing together, or if it was a mere coincidence. Jun Jong Seo once admitted that she cried while watching EXchange 2.

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