EXID confirmed for comeback in April with Shinsadong Tiger track

After much speculation as to when the girls of EXID would be coming back with new music, it has been confirmed that they will indeed be returning this April.

As previously stated by Yedang Entertainment officials a few days ago, EXID is making their comeback in the second week of April, when they will once again greet fans with an exciting dance track.

The girl group rose to fame with “Up & Down” in the second half of last year only after completing their activities for the track. In an unprecedented occurrence, the track quickly rose up the charts following a Hani-focused fancam performing the track at an event went viral, and allowed EXID to return to their promotional activities, something not normally heard of.

“Up & Down” is produced by the popular and talented Shinsadong Tiger, who will once again return as the group’s producer in their upcoming comeback track. The news of his participation has only furthered the fans anticipation for their return.

Meanwhile, Hani recently appeared on the latest episode of SBS‘ Running Man, while member Solji has been gaining attention for her superb singing skills on MBC‘s Mask Face.

Source: X Sports News