EXID’s Hani Is Asked About Marrying Her Boyfriend, And Her Answer May Surprise You

“My father has seen my boyfriend a couple of times…”

EXID‘s Hani talked about marriage and her boyfriend, psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong.

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On April 13, Hani participated in an interview held at the building of her label, Sublime Artist Agency. The interview was for Disney+‘s K-Drama, Call It Love.

Poster for Call It Love | Disney+

On this day, Hani was asked whether Yang Jae Woong had given her advice while shooting the drama, to which the idol responded by stating that she actually preferred to keep her work away from her relationships.

He doesn’t really talk a lot. When it comes to my work, whether it is my partner or my family members, I like to keep them away from it. My work is my work, and your work is your work. In that sense, I’m not a big fan of sharing.

— Hani

The idol then revealed that she and her partner were very compatible and that they each were very supportive of the other.

Regardless of work or age, we have very similar values. Whenever I make up my mind to do something, he is always supporting me.

— Hani

Hani was then asked about marrying her boyfriend, to which the idol revealed that her father had met her boyfriend a couple of times.

I am not sure when I am going to marry. I don’t think marriage is necessary. My father has seen my boyfriend a couple of times. We ate beef and drank highballs and were feeling good that day. I took a picture of us and uploaded it to keep a memory of that day.

— Hani

Hani previously went viral after uploading a picture of herself with her boyfriend and her father. Read about it in the article below.

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