EXID’s Hani Shocks By Finally Sharing Photos With Her Older Boyfriend For The First Time Since Announcing Their Relationship

Last year, it was revealed she was dating a psychiatrist 10 years her senior!

EXID‘s Hani has finally revealed the first shots of her and her boyfriend together, a year after the announcement was made.

EXID’s Hani | @ahnanihh/Instagram

Of course, Hani is known for her time in EXID and, of course, the iconic “Up & Down” fancam. Throughout the years, the idol has always gained attention for her talent, visuals, and charisma.

Last year, the idol gained attention after it was revealed that she was dating a psychiatrist called Yang Jae Woong, and they had been dating for two years

While there was some debate over the age gap, as Hani is ten years younger than her boyfriend, most netizens were happy for the couple. In particular, they loved going back and finding “couple images” of the pair in the same place and enjoying time together.

| @ahnanihh/Instagram
The alleged couple photo | @jw0601/Instagram

Well, it seems like after three years, Hani finally showcased their chemistry to the world on Instagram.

On March 27 (KST), Hani posted some photos and videos on her Instagram story. While the idol looked flawless, netizens noticed she was with two men in the photos.

Hani, her dad, and boyfriend | @ahnanihh/Instagram

One was her dad, and the other was her boyfriend, signaling the first time she had publicly shared any interactions between the two.

| @ahnanihh/Instagram

If the photos were cute, the videos of the three truly stole the hearts of fans. The trio was definitely having fun in the photobooth and while Hani’s dad looked so caring, Hani and her boyfriend had a sweet and mature chemistry.

| @ahnanihh/Instagram

Yang Jae Woong even made sure to interact with Hani’s dad, moving him into place respectfully and with care.

| @ahnanihh/Instagram    

Of course, it wasn’t always easy for Hani, and the idol revealed the hardships and hate comments she received about her relationship.

If you look at the comments, because Yang Jae Woong is a psychiatrist who is ten years older, they make it seem like I was gaslighted into a relationship, and that I was somehow coerced. It isn’t true!

— Hani

While dating can be taboo in K-Pop, Hani is at the stage where netizens are coming to terms with the reality and couldn’t be happier for her relationship and her life with her boyfriend.

You can read more about their relationship below.

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