6 Year Old Legendary K-Pop Song Is Unexpectedly Being Used In A McDonald’s Commercial

Here’s to more unexpected and delightful crossovers in the future!

In the world of advertising, the right music can make or break a commercial. But who would have thought a six-year-old K-Pop song would be the chosen soundtrack for one of the world’s most iconic fast-food chains?

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That’s right, a more than half a decade-old song is being used by the fast-food titan McDonald‘s as part of their latest promotional campaign with Monopoly. And the lucky song is none other than EXID’s “DDD.”

Released on November 7 of 2017, when the girl group was still under Banana Culture, “DDD” was the lead single for EXID’s mini-album Full Moon. Not only did the song attain the number 9 spot on the Gaon Digital Chart (now known as Circle Chart), but it also captured the hearts of international fans by securing #6 on Billboard’s US World Digital Songs. Now, years later, the infectious beat and catchy lyrics of “DDD” are being played on TV screens across the globe, all thanks to McDonald’s and its commercials.

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The track isn’t only used in one, but in a whopping four different ads that are also uploaded on their official YouTube channel.

However, the initial use of the song in the commercial caused some confusion among fans. Many mistook the track for the original Missy Elliott sample of “WTF” since “DDD” is known to sample it. But the distinctive Korean lyrics of the EXID hit, ringing out amidst scenes of fast food and game pieces, left no room for doubt.

Social media platforms are buzzing with fans sharing their excitement and disbelief. Viral tweets and numerous posts reveal the widespread joy and pride felt by the K-Pop community. The underlying sentiment is one of happiness that the song is getting the recognition it deserves after all these years.

Many fans are especially hopeful that the members of EXID, particularly LE (also known as Elly), who played a pivotal role in writing and producing “DDD,” receive a worthy paycheck from the fast-food giant.

This surprising union of a legendary K-Pop song and a global fast-food brand showcases the universality and timeless appeal of music. It also underscores the reach and influence of K-Pop in today’s global culture. A song that was a sensation in South Korea and the U.S. a few years ago is now reconnecting with fans and finding new listeners through a commercial.

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And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that both K-Pop and McDonald’s have a knack for creating memorable moments. Here’s to more unexpected and delightful crossovers in the future!