K-Pop Idols Make Unexpected Cameo Appearances In Netflix’s New K-Drama “Mask Girl”

Did you recognize them?

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K-Pop idols frequently are referenced in K-Dramas. For example, Business Proposal, My Liberation Notes, and Our Blues all reference BTS.

And, of course, many idols are also actors. ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo (also known as Cha Eun Woo), 2PM‘s Junho (also known as Lee Jun Ho), and SF9‘s Rowoon are just a few. So, it should be no surprise when a K-Pop idol appears in a new K-Drama.

Cha Eunwoo
Lee Junho

Now, Netflix‘s latest K-Drama, Mask Girl, has been released, and it surprised viewers with some unexpected cameos from K-Pop idols.

Mask Girl | Netflix

In a flashback scene, classmates talked about watching idol groups’ performances on Music Plaza. One classmate asked Kim Chun Ae (Han Jae Yi) whether she likes 90s K-Pop boy groups H.O.T. or Sechs Kies. Later, when she gets involved with a would-be K-Pop idol, his hairstyle resembles the previously mentioned groups.

The scene at the school is mirrored in the present day when Mask Girl’s daughter Kim Mi Mo’s (Shin Ye Seo) friend, Kim Ye Chun (Kim Min Seo), approached a group of girls at lunchtime to ask if they watched M Countdown. She mentioned that she loves NCT.

Kim Ye Chun also attempts to sell K-Pop photocards on a couple of occasions, and she is even bullied for it. But you can recognize some of the photocards as Mask Girl used real ones of VICTON.

The VICTON members also watched Mask Girl and noticed their “cameo.” A fan asked Subin via Instagram, to which he replied.

| @subsubey/Instagram

Fan: did you watch Netflix Mask Girl by any chance? Subin and the hyungs’ photocards came out hahaha

Subin: I did ☺️ Mask Girl is the best 🙏🏼✨

Seungsik also posted on Instagram Stories, revealing he had read the original Webtoon. So, he was excited about the K-Drama adaptation and VICTON’s inclusion.

| @s_sikisiki/Instagram

I saw VICTON’s photocards on Netflix’s Mask Girl^_^ I really enjoyed the original webtoon when I was young, and I was really looking forward to it when I heard that it was going to be made into a drama. In the midst of all that, I feel so thankful and honored…🥹💙💛 Thank you so much Mask Girl! I’m also watching it diligently

— Seungsik

The K-Pop idol cameos don’t end there, though. Remember Kim Chun Ae’s would-be K-Pop idol boyfriend? Former U-KISS and UNB member Lee Jun Young portrayed Choi Bu Yong.

Additionally, EXID‘s Jeonghwa (also known as Park Jung Hwa) played Lee A Reum, a co-worker of Mask Girl’s who had an affair with her office crush.

We also can’t forget Mask Girl herself. After plastic surgery, she was portrayed by After School‘s (and its subgroups Orange Caramel and After School Red) Nana!

Did you recognize them?

Mask Girl

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