Legendary K-Pop Singer Who Sang The Song From “Mask Girl” Recreates A Scene From The K-Drama

The original singer has arrived!

The song “Saturday Night” was played repeatedly in Netflix‘s hit K-Drama Mask Girl. The original singer of the song recently posted her performing the song as Mask Girl.

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Based on the Korean webtoon of the same name, Mask Girl tells the story of Kim Mo Mi, an ordinary office worker. Self-conscious about her appearance but wanting to perform on stage, Kim Mo Mi becomes a broadcast streamer (BJ) named “Mask Girl” every night, dancing while wearing a mask to hide her face. Her life takes a sharp turn downhill when she becomes involved in a crime.


The song that Kim Mo Mi performed often, pre-plastic surgery and post-surgery, was a popular K-Pop song from 2009 called “Saturday Night.” This song was originally sung by singer and actress Son Dambi, who was one of the most popular solo artists of the 2000s.

Son Dambi | @xodambi/Instagram

“Saturday Night” was part of Son Dambi’s album Type “B”: Back to ’80s, which paid homage to the 80s. She wore sparkly outfits suitable for the 80s during her performances, and her signature dance of raising her right arm up and snapping was iconic.

Son Dambi performs “Saturday Night” on “Music Core” in 2009. | MBC 

Her diva presence inspired Kim Mo Mi in Mask Girl to dance and be a performer like Son Dambi. In her room, Kim Mo Mi dressed up like Son Dambi’s outfits for the song and performed the dance on her broadcast.

With the popularity of Mask Girl and the 14-year-old song finding its way into people’s playlists again, Son Dambi surprised fans with her most recent YouTube video. In a video from September 13 titled “Mask Girl Revealed For the First Time (Son Dambi — Saturday Night),” Son Dambi wore glittery makeup, colorful and sparkly clothes, a wig, and a mask that resembled Mask Girl.


With the narration, “Everyone, I’ll start the broadcast today,” Son Dambi danced to her song as if she were a Mask Girl performing as a BJ for her audience. It was edited in a very similar way to the version in the K-Drama, with the same computer sound effects that are played every time a fan shows financial support.


After the performance, she removed the mask and revealed her face with a big smile.


Son Dambi posted a snippet of this video to her Instagram with a caption expressing how she felt.

Me dancing to ‘Saturday Night’ after 5 years✌️✌️
It was a super fun time trying to recreate the ‘Saturday Night’ Mask Girl scene😍
I am the Mask Girl.
I am Son Dambi🤣😆

— Son Dambi

Netizens loved seeing her shout-out to the famous K-Drama and filled the comment section with love and support. Many were excited to hear her perform the song after about 15 years.

| Dambixon/YouTube
  • “The original has arrived!!!!! Son Dambi never disappointsㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “Oh my… Looking that beautiful when taking off the mask is cheating!!!!!!”
  • “The real one has appeared!!!!!!❤️”
  • “I’m honored to be able to see the originalㅜㅜ My memories are dripping…”
  • “Wow❤️ So good❤️”
  • “The original is the best!!! It’s been such a long time. Ah, my memories ㅠ”
  • “Omgㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ This is the best❤️❤️”
  • “This is insane!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍”
  • “That’s the real Mask Girl mask?!👍”
  • “1:12 Her beauty never fades. She’s the origin of being handsomely pretty. She was my favorite Pledis female singer from my childhood🥹❤️”
  • “The song’s owner!”
  • “This is the root!!!!👍👍 Everyone, watch and learn from the origin~~~💃💃💃”
  • “The original song owner has appeared lol”
  • “So pretty❤️”
  • “I have chillllllllls~!!!! Th-The real one has sappeared~!!!! I almost shouted, ‘I love you, Mask Girl!’ ^^”
  • “You are the best!!!🥹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Watch Son Dambi’s video here.


Source: Dambixon/YouTube and Sports Chosun

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