Mask Girl

Legendary K-Pop Singer Who Sang The Song From “Mask Girl” Recreates A Scene From The K-Drama
The original singer has arrived!
“Mask Girl” Actor Ahn Jae Hong’s Ad-Lib Shocks Everyone On Set, But It Becomes An Iconic Scene
It came out of nowhere.
She’s Still Got It: Nana Dazzles In Dance Practice After 7-Year Hiatus As An Idol
The idol-turned-actress looks absolutely stunning 😍
“Mask Girl” Actress Lee Han Byeol Trains With BLACKPINK’s Choreographer For Her Dance Scenes
She practiced like a K-Pop idol trainee.
“Mask Girl” Star Films Underwater Scene For 12 Hours Even Though She Has Aquaphobia
The scene was only a few seconds.
K-Drama To Watch? Netflix Top-Ranked Series Where 3 Actors Play The Same Character
The show amassed 2.8 million views within just three days.
3 Major Differences Between Netflix’s K-Drama “Mask Girl” And The Original Webtoon
Which version do you prefer?
“Wait Why Is He Actually Handsome?” — The Lengths ”Mask Girl” Ahn Jae Hong Went To For His Character But No One Knew
Did you realize this fun fact?
K-Drama “Mask Girl” Viewers Cannot Believe It’s Actress Lee Han Byeol’s Debut Role
Viewers have fallen in love with the rookie actress!
Why Netflix’s New K-Drama “Mask Girl” Director Cast A Rookie Actress For Its Lead Role
Hopefully, it’s the first of many roles!
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