K-Drama “Mask Girl” Viewers Cannot Believe It’s Actress Lee Han Byeol’s Debut Role

Viewers have fallen in love with the rookie actress!

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Netflix‘s new K-Drama Mask Girl, adapted from the Naver Webtoon of the same name, recently premiered.

“Mask Girl” poster | Netflix

The anticipated thriller series has met viewers’ expectations with phenomenal cinematography, story, and actors.

Kim Mo-mi (Lee Han-byeol/Go Hyun-jung/Nana), an office worker who is insecure about her looks, becomes a masked internet personality by night — until a chain of unexpected, ill-fated events overtakes her life.

— Wikipedia

Mask Girl | Netflix

Even before it aired, Webtoon-readers were in awe of the casting, especially of Lee Han Byeol, who portrayed the main character Kim Mo Mi pre-surgery.

Kim Mo Mi | Naver Webtoon
Lee Han Byeol

But Lee Han Byeol has earned even more praise since Mask Girl premiered on Netflix. Viewers are in awe of her performance.

Many are in disbelief that Mask Girl is the actress’ debut role. Any viral clip of the cast on TikTok has netizens singing Lee Han Byeol’s praises. Many are rooting for her, hoping that she gets cast in many more roles after the success of Mask Girl. 

While Kim Mo Mi was considered ugly, and Lee Han Byeol herself has said that she encountered hurtful moments due to her appearance, netizens only have good things to say about the actress. They agree that she is actually beautiful and could be a model.

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