Mystery, Murder, And… Plastic Surgery? Netflix’s “Mask Girl” Delivered All We Could Ask For

Is it worth your time?

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault and violence that may disturb some readers.

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Netflix just dropped a new K-Drama title, Mask Girl. Adapted from a webtoon of the same name, the show comes highly anticipated by the domestic audience. With much buzz already drummed up from the highly believable cast, you know that acting problems won’t be a reason why you can’t buy into the show. With that being said, is Mask Girl worth 7 hours of your time? Read on to find out.

In episode one, we’re introduced to Kim Mo Mi. Regular office worker by day, live broadcast superstar by night. She dons a metallic mask and various wigs, performing for her legions of online fans. With a glimpse into her adolescence, we understand why Mo Mi is so obsessed with attention, even from faceless netizens. She grew up being told that she was too ugly for anything.

Even masked, with a killer body and some dance moves, she easily earns money in the form of “heart pangs,” donations from online viewers.

Mo Mi experiences the pangs of one-sided love when she witnesses her office crush, Mr. Park, have an affair with the young and pretty Lee Ah Reum. She gets drunk and turns on her live stream, stripping on camera.

Mo Mi is banned for breaching the rules of the platform, and she is back to being sad and lonely without her fans.

Ju Oh Nam and Mo Mi.

One of her ardent fans is Ju Oh Nam. Ju Oh Nam happens to be Mo Mi’s superior at work.

Ju Oh Nam is an Otaku, who cannot interact with women in real life. He comes home daily to the company of sex dolls, anime, and live streamers. He finds comfort in Mo Mi’s live streams, and grows obsessed with her.

One day, he matches up the puzzle and figures out that Mo Mi is Mask Girl. Mo Mi goes on a date with a viewer, feeling the need for affirmation and attention. She winds up at a motel with him. The K-Drama suddenly takes a turn into the crime and mystery alley when Mo Mi gets into a scuffle with the man.

He tries to sexually assault her and in the struggle, he hits his head on a side table. Panicked, Mo Mi calls Ju Oh Nam for help. Out of his love for her, Ju Oh Nam kills the man and clears away the body.

We won’t spoil too much, but episode two rounds out with a twist. Ju Oh Nam comes to confront Mo Mi after she quits the company post-murder. She then ends up stabbing him as he gets atop her for sex.

One of the biggest factors that piques our curiosity is that there are three different actors playing Mo Mi. Lee Han Byul plays Mo Mi in the first two episodes, while Nana takes over later. As the drama rounds out, Go Hyun Jung plays Mo Mi in her final stages.

L to R: Nana, Lee Han Byul, Go Hyun Jung.

Mo Mi undergoes plastic surgery to live out her dreams as a performer. Due to her inferiority complex about her looks, she goes under the knife, despite Ju Oh Nam’s attempts to dissuade her.

One of the highlights of the premiere episode is definitely Ahn Jae Hong’s acting. He’s the perfect Ju Oh Nam! He has viewers convinced with his stellar performance as an awkward otaku complete with an off-tune rendition of “Happy Birthday” with his life-sized doll.

Lee Han Byul also delivers as a self-conscious woman in her 30s, craving for some attention. You almost wouldn’t guess that Mask Girl is her debut work.

This isn’t just your typical show about a girl with low self-confidence. It’s also not your clichéd romance K-Drama. Mask Girl will deliver twist after twist and keep you on the edge of your seat, all while remaining wry and darkly light-hearted. With seven episodes in total, the show is well-worth your time. That is, if you’re in for a little bit of gore, some laughs, and a whole lot of suspense.

Mask Girl

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