K-Drama “Mask Girl” Receives Praise For “100% Synchronized” Casting With Its Webtoon Counterparts

We can’t wait for the drama!

K-Drama Mask Girl is set to air on Netflix soon. About an ordinary office worker, Kim Mo Mi, that has a great body but no confidence in her face, she dons a mask nightly to conduct live streams. She undergoes plastic surgery later on. Kim Mo Mi later unexpectedly gets involved in a case.

The webtoon’s popularity has led to high expectations for the drama adaptation. As the trailer is out already, fans got a glimpse of the casting for the characters. The casting is currently receiving high praise for its synchronization with the original webtoon characters. Check them out below.

1. Kim Mo Mi pre-surgery

Played by newcomer Lee Han Byul, fans agree with her visuals as the ordinary office worker.

2. Kim Mo Mi post-surgery

Nana plays Kim Mo Mi after surgery. She transforms from an ordinary office worker to a glamorous lady.

3. Kim Mo Mi post-surgery side effects

Ko Hyun Jung plays Kim Mo Mi after she experiences the side effects of too much surgery.

4. Ju Oh Nam

Ju Oh Nam is Mo Mi’s colleague. He has a crush on the famous Mask Girl.

Later, he finds out that Mo Mi is Mask Girl. He’s played by Ahn Jae Hong.

5. Kim Kyung Ja

Played by Yeom Hye Ran, Kyung Ja is Ju Oh Nam’s mother. She gets involved when her son goes missing.

6. Park Gi Hoon

Park Gi Hoon is Mo Mi’s superior. He is known for his visuals in the company. He is played by Choi Daniel.

7. Lee Ah Reum

Another worker in Mo Mi’s company, she’s the office visual. She also has an affair with Park Gi Hoon. She is played by EXID’s Junghwa.

The visual synchronization has fans of the original buzzing.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • If I were the original writer, I’d be clapping.
  • No, but how did they find everyone so well… But Ahn Jae Hong, I thought he looked innocent, but this… LOL.
  • Wow, Mo Mi and Ju Oh Nam perfectly lines up.
  • It’s basically like they drew the real life versions of the webtoon.
  • Wow… As someone who read the webtoon, I’m amazed. I’m blown away by Ahn Jae Hong… Everyone suits it so well.
  • The casting is insane… It’s really just the same.
  • Nana is so pretty…

What do you think?

Source: Theqoo

Mask Girl

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