She’s Still Got It: Nana Dazzles In Dance Practice After 7-Year Hiatus As An Idol

The idol-turned-actress looks absolutely stunning 😍

If there’s one thing that fans know about the dazzling Nana, it’s that she is full of surprises. The idol-turned-actress recently gave fans a glimpse of her return to dancing, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

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After a 7-year hiatus from her idol activities, Nana has made her dance comeback through a dance practice video for her latest Netflix drama Mask Girl. And let’s just say one thing is certain — she’s still got it!

In Mask Girl Nana portrays Momi, a character that not only demands intense acting but also requires her to perform a dance sequence. For this sequence, she performed Sohn Dam Bi‘s iconic Korean hit “Saturday Night.” However, it wasn’t just any performance — it had an entirely new sections of choreography!

The video has brought back the memories of her idol days and reminded everyone why she was one of the most loved idols in the industry.

The dance practice video starts with Nana and her fellow actress Han Jae Yi — who plays Kim Chun Ae in the show — starting out the dance sequence. The After School member looks gorgeous as ever, even though she’s only wearing a simple black tanktop and leggings for maximum comfort.

As the music starts, however, the atmosphere shifts. The confidence with which she moves, the fluidity of her steps, and her ever-so-charming expressions are proof that time has only polished her skills. It’s hard to believe that she has been away from the dancing scene for almost a decade.

Fans and netizens were quick to show their amazement on various social media platforms.

While Nana has been primarily focusing on her acting career in the past years, seeing her back on the dance floor has ignited the hopes of many fans for a potential return to the music scene. However, nothing has been confirmed as of now. That won’t stop fans from keeping their fingers crossed for either a surprise After School reunion, or even a Nana solo comeback!

What’s undeniable is that Nana’s dedication to her craft, be it acting or dancing, is commendable. Preparing for a new choreography and delivering it with such finesse after years of not being an active idol showcases her talent and hard work. Moreover, it’s evident that she understands the importance of every aspect of her role, ensuring that she gives more than 100% to meet the expectations.

Mask Girl is proving to be a treat not only for drama enthusiasts but also for long-time fans of Nana from her idol days. Whether she continues to pursue more dance routines in the future or sticks to acting, one thing’s for sure: Nana will always remain a versatile artist who leaves her audience in awe with every performance.

Mask Girl

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