EXID’s Hani Says Chungha Kept Apologizing Following Her COVID-19 Diagnosis

“Chungha couldn’t make it because she’s sick.”

Following the news of Chungha‘s COVID-19 diagnosis, EXID‘s Hani, Sunmi, Oh My Girl‘s YooA, LOONA‘s Chuu, and producer, Park So Jung attended the online press conference for Mnet‘s Running Girls.

During the press conference, Sunmi revealed that Chungha couldn’t make it because she was ill.

Chungha couldn’t make it because she’s sick. We worked really hard on this.

— Sunmi

And Hani shared that Chungha continued to apologize for the unfortunate circumstances.

Chungha kept saying sorry to us, but I wish she wouldn’t. I just want to tell her we’re going to do a good job today.

— Hani

She then went on to wish Chungha a safe recovery above all else.

I just want her to get better soon, and I want her to focus on her recovery.

— Hani

In response, the rest of the cast all sent a message out to Chungha.

We love you.

— Cast

Ahead of this event, MNH Entertainment stated that Chungha received a positive COVID-19 test result leading to a halt in her activities and self-isolation.


Naturally, this led to her being unable to attend the press conference for Running Girls as well.

Here’s wishing Chungha a safe recovery!

Source: Insight
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