EXID’s Hani Confirmed To Be Dating A Psychiatrist

Congratulations to the couple!

EXID‘s Hani (30) has been confirmed to be dating psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong (40).

According to an exclusive report from Wikitree, EXID’s Hani and psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong have been dating for two years. No other details regarding their relationship was reported from the media outlet.

However, Hani’s agency Sublime Artist Agency did confirm to Wikitree that she currently is in a relationship with Yang Jae Woong.

Hani is in a good relationship with Yang Jae Woong. Please continue to support the two of them.

— Sublime Artist Agency

Yang Jae Woong is the head of Women’s Jin Hospital in Bucheon, in between Seoul and Incheon. He has also been active on a variety of broadcasts as a health expert and also runs his own YouTube channel.

Source: Wikitree