EXID’s Hani Shares How Happy She Is For Brave Girls And Their Success

She praised the group for enduring their hard times and becoming successful!

EXID is a group famous for their sleeper hit song, “Up And Down” that shot up chart rankings months after its release in 2014 after a fancam of Hani performing the choreography went viral. Recently, Brave Girls also gained significant traction as their song “Rollin'” went viral, and as part of a group that has experienced the same kind of viral success, Hani shared her thoughts on it!

Hani made an appearance as a guest on MBC’s Radio Star, where she talked about Brave Girls, and how she felt about them coming back in popularity!

| MBC Radio Star

During the show, Hani was also asked to share any advice she had for them as a sunbae (senior), but she responded by revealing that EXID was, in fact, not their sunbae!

Truthfully, we are not Brave Girls’ sunbae.


| MBC Radio Star

Hani then shared that the two groups did debut around the same time and even used the waiting room together before! Brave Girls debuted a year before EXID in 2011, and though EXID debuted later, they had their song make a return to the charts first in 2014. While commenting on that, she praised Brave Girls for their perseverance and strong spirit!

| @BraveGirls/Twitter

Truthfully, they are the ones that endured and held on longer. But news outlets released articles that made it look like I said, “Thanks for waiting it out”.

I was worried that they might feel hurt after seeing those articles.


| MBC Radio Star

About EXID’s own viral hit with “Up And Down”, Hani revealed that while she was happy about it, she still had feelings of uncertainty regarding their sudden popularity. She then joked that rather than having doubts, she should have enjoyed the time their song made it back on the charts and brought laughter to the show!

It felt like Santa Claus suddenly gave us a gift that wasn’t ours. We couldn’t open the gift either because there could be a day he would come back to take it from us.


Hani recently appeared in the drama How To Be Thirty, which concluded with its final episode on April 13, 2021.

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