EXID’s Hani, Kwak Si Yang, Kim Min Kyu Confirmed As Leads For JTBC’s Upcoming Idol Life K-Drama

Who better to cast than 2 idols?

EXID‘s Hani, actor Kwak Si Yang, and trainee turned actor Kim Min Kyu have been confirmed as lead roles in JTBC‘s upcoming idol-life K-Drama Idol: The Coup.

Hani | Osen

According to the press release shared by the production company, Idol: The Coup will be airing on JTBC in the second half of 2021 and will star Hani, Kwak Si Yang, and Kim Min Kyu. The show will tell the story of a failed idol who needs a single taste of success, otherwise they will disband. It will also feature young people and how they don’t give up on their dreams, even though they may be failing at the present.

Kim Min Kyu

Hani will play the role of Kim Je Na, a member of 6-year old girl group Cotton Candy, but the group is considered a failure. Kwak Si Yang will play the role of Cha Jae Hyuk, the CEO of Starpeace Entertainment and a cold person who is noted for being considered a “left-brained” person, only focusing on analytics and numbers to the point he is considered the human calculator. Kim Min Kyu will play the role of Seo Ji Han, a popular idol signed under Starpeace.

Kwak Si Yang | @siyang87k/Instagram

Idol: The Coup will also feature professional producers and artists who will work with the show to produce music and performances. The drama will be produced by Transparent Arts, JTBC Studio, and TAKE2 MEDIA GROUP. The K-Drama will be written by Kim Sung Eul, who wrote The Bride of Habaek, Misaeng, and Monstar. It will be produced by Noh Jong Chan, who led production on Clean with Passion for Now, Grand Queen Dowager Insoo, and Personal Taste.

Source: Xportnews