EXID’s Hani Hints At Her Love Life And Reveals There Is Someone She Loves Currently

She seemed to be hinting a bit about her love life!

EXID member and actress Hani made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM.

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Hani, who has taken on the role of announcer Lee Ran Joo for the new KakaoTV original drama How to be Thirty, revealed that the story was about three friends who are going through what it means to be thirty.

When asked how similar she was in real life to the character, she responded, “I think I am about five percent similar to her. She has a personality of a hedgehog and I’m like that too. But in terms of outward appearance, we are totally different. Lee Ran Joo wears a lot of heels but I don’t have a single pair at home”.

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In this drama, Hani has a love line with a younger man and revealed that she has never dated someone younger before. “In my twenties, I wanted to meet older guys, but now that I am thirty, I am curious about younger men. I don’t think age has any meaning anymore”.

When MC Kim asked what her dreams were for this year, she stated, “I want to be someone that loves more. I want to become someone that can love me, the world and others”.

To this, Kim asked a question that threw her off guard. “Is there anyone you love right now?” Hani replied, “Yes, I do”, raising many questions to both Kim and the listeners.

She also gave an update about the other EXID members. “I called Hyerin a few days ago after drinking. I missed her. I told her that we should meet up ASAP since I was busy recently”.

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Source: sportschosun