EXID’s Hyerin Has Been Doing This For 7 Years And People Are Just Starting To Notice

EXID Hyerin opened up with her struggles with dieting.

On the September 17 airing of SBS PowerFM Cultwo Show radio, EXID‘s Hyerin appeared as a guest and shared her thoughts about her long-term diet.

Radio DJ Kim Taekyoon commented on how skinny she had gotten and Hyerin responded by saying that she had lost 11 kg (24.25 lbs), surprising everyone.

She stated that she had wanted to look really good for this year’s last music promotions.

She added that she had been dieting for 7 years people are just now just beginning to notice. She’s sad that it took this long for people to see her progress, but revealed that she is going to start eating more from now on.

She showed support for others who are also currently dieting and reminded them to never diet too hard and to always take the healthy route.

When asked what she would like to be in another lifetime, she gave an unexpected answer, a realtor.

Others on the show guessed that she would have wanted to be a teacher or an announcer but she quickly admitted that those careers did not interest her.

This past May, Banana Culture Entertainment and Hyerin, Solji and LE renewed their contracts while Hani and Junghwa have decided to leave the company. The group dropped “ME&YOU” as their last comeback as a whole through their mini album, We. The group assured fans that although they are not in the same company they will continue to promote music altogether.

Hyerin will continue to show her various talents through solo activities and appearances on shows.

Source: osen