EXID Solji Shares Heartbreaking Message To Fans Before Going Into Surgery

“Thank you for being there for me when I’m sick”

EXID’s Solji left a message for her fans on her Instagram page before going into surgery for an orbital decompression.

Though Solji has been steadily recovering over the past year, she’s been suffering from exophthalmos, a condition where a patient’s eyes bulge out of the orbit, due to her hyperthyroidism.

In her post, Solji posed in front of a subway advertisement put up by her fans that read, “Solji, You’re the One!”. She wrote a short message for her fans who are waiting for her recovery and comeback.

“Thanks to Leggo, I feel so much better♥️

I’ll be back healthy, so let’s all meet all smiles. Thank you for being there for me when I’m sick♥️ I love you Leggo 👼💋”

— EXID’s Solji

This is not the first time Solji’s sent a message directly to her fans. She has also previously personally apologized for disappointing her fans.

EXID Solji Apologizes To Fans For Being Sick In A Heartbreaking Letter

Though EXID has been forging ahead as a 4-member group, there’s no doubt that fans are still eagerly awaiting a fully decked out EXID with Solji.

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Source: Sports Today and Sports Kyunghyang