EXID Reveals They Are Unhappy With Their Current Agency

They vented out every one of their concerns.

EXID guest starred on Weekly Idol, where they took a lie detector test. The hosts asked Hyerin if she’s satisfied with their current agency, Banana Culture. She quickly responded, “No.


The lie detector revealed her answer to be her truthful opinion, as she began to explain which parts of her agency makes her unhappy.


She complained that their agency failed to showcase all of the different talents and charms of each of the members throughout the past 7 years.

“We really have a lot of sides to ourselves. We’re so different, but I’ve always felt regretful that we weren’t able to show a lot of those different sides throughout the past 7 years.

I’m very frustrated, Banana!”

— Hyerin


The rest of the members began agreeing in union as they let their frustrations come forward!


LE explained that not only did they fail to showcase different sides of themselves, Banana Culture never apologizes for mistakes that they make!

“Anyone can make a mistake. We all make mistakes. But they never apologize.”

— LE


Hani nailed the coffin door shut when she added that they not only make mistakes and not apologize for them… They don’t learn from the mistakes either!

“I’m okay with them making mistakes. I’m even okay with them not apologizing. But why are you making the same mistakes?!”

— Hani


Although the girls rose up in a riot as they vented their frustration, the members’ hearts softened immediately after seeing their manager’s face turn sad.


Just as MC Kim Shin Young said, even the closest family members have complaints about each other! EXID and Banana Culture are just the same as you can see the love pour out from each of the members’ faces when they look upon their manager!

Source: Herald Pop