EXID Vietnam Concert Changes Producers, Krowdpop Dropped By Agency

 EXID‘s Agency, Banana Culture, has announced they will be dropping Krowdpop as an organizer for the Vietnam concert and continuing on with another producer instead. 

Earlier this week, Koreaboo broke news that Vietnamese fans were boycotting EXID’s concert due to claims of fraud and mishandling of funds by Krowdpop. Koreaboo received e-mails and messages from Vietnamese, Korean and US fans asking for our help in looking into this issue further.

Fans were devastated that EXID would have to perform at what appeared to be a run-down space that barely had a stage. For the purpose of ensuring that Koreaboo’s readers were not being taken advantage of, Koreaboo looked into the issue further.

We discovered a post by an insider that revealed even more damaging information about the event and Krowdpop. It appeared that CEO, Richard Choo of Krowdpop had allegedly spent all the funds from the concert and the company was in debt. The insider stated that there was no way Krowdpop could continue the concert

Read what the Insider had to say and leaked chats that reveal, “We do not have the money to cover for the show.”

Now, Banana Culture has revealed the organizer has been changed and Krowdpop is no longer involved. Read the full statement below:

Hello, this is BANANA Culture Entertainment.
This is a notice about EXID’s first visit to Vietnam.

Name of the event: Meet Pond’s beauty standard, welcome your idol
Time and Date: 2016. 12. 14.
Location: Quan Khu 7 Indoor Stadium – 202 Hoang Van Thu Street, Tan Binh District,HCMC

First, we thank all our Vietnam LEGGO for the support you gave us.
Nonetheless, we received lots of concerns and comments about the concert.
Accordingly, we met with the Pond’s Vietnam directly. As a result, we chose a new agency for the event.

We also changed the location of the event so that we can show you great performances.
However, considering several circumstances, we decided to postpone our concert from December 10th to December 14th.

We will announce every details (tickets, time of the concert and etc.) through Vietnam Pond’s until December 1st, so check out further information through official channel of Vietnam Pond’s.
We will try our best for the wonderful concert.

Thank you for your constant support.
BANANA Culture Entertainment