EXID’s LE Threatens To Take Action Against Harasser Who Photoshopped Nudes

The harassment has kept LE away from social media for weeks.

Recently, EXID fans have been worried about LE’s disappearance from social media. Now, she has bravely revealed the real reason behind her absence: a harasser has been photoshopping indecent images of herself and her fellow EXID members.


Tweeting for the first time in two months on January 21, LE told fans that a person from an unknown foreign country has been harassing EXID for a while.

The harasser in question has repeatedly sent toxic comments to the members as well as photoshopped nude images. Unsurprisingly, this has made LE so uncomfortable that she no longer wants to post photos on Instagram. Her last update was almost two weeks ago.

LE isn’t the only EXID member who’s been steering clear of social media recently. Jeonghwa hasn’t updated her Instagram since January 3.

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LE went on to say that no matter how many times she reports the accounts, new ones pop up in their place.

They’ve crossed the line so many times.


But she is no longer willing to suffer the harassment in silence. Turning her attention from fans to the malicious account creator, LE ended her message by implying that she will take legal action if she continues to receive cruel comments and photoshopped images.

I won’t stay still anymore 🙂 If you keep going, let’s see what happens.


Unfortunately, LE is not the only idol who’s had to deal with such repugnant behavior in the past. In March 2018, FNC Entertainment reported that they would be taking legal action against a person who photoshopped nude images of AOA’s Seolhyun and claimed the fake pictures were real.