Solji Personally Confirms Her Upcoming Return To EXID Promotions

She’s finally returning!

18 months after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, Solji has finally fully recovered and will be able to promote with EXID again!

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Solji is currently hosting her own radio show, Solji’s Voice Season 2 and during the first episode, she talked about her health and her plans for EXID for the remainder of the year.

“Right now, the levels of hyperthyroidism hormones is normal. My throat has gotten a lot better. There is a chance of the condition reoccurring, but I’ve recovered! So now I’m healthy.”


She then continued to talk about her return to promotions, both as a soloist and with EXID.

“Right now I am preparing to greet all my fans, who I love so much, with a good image. I don’t know exactly when that will be, but whether it is by myself, or with EXID, I can confirm I will greet the fans once again this year.”


A fan asked her if she lost a lot of weight during her long hiatus due to her condition, and she surprised everyone by saying she actually recorded her peak weight during her hiatus!

“During the treatment process I did lose a lot of weight. I was taking a lot of steroids during the treatment process, but my body started bloating up and I gained weight. I recorded the highest weight in my life during that time… I started eating less and in order to be able to greet you all beautifully, I plan on resuming working out too.”


Solji finally revealed that she has been working hard catching up on EXID’s choreography, and has learned the choreography for “DDD”, but there is more choreography to learn for the songs EXID released during her hiatus.