EXO Announces First Group Album Release After 18 Months Away

EXO’s back?!?

It’s been 18 long months since the K-Pop Kings, known as EXO, had released a group album. But EXO-Ls can finally rejoice as they just announced that they’re breaking the long break with a special album, titled DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING!

EXO | SM Entertainment

EXO’s official Twitter account shared the teaser, with the title DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING, and attached a GIF of a radar scanning an unidentifiable range.

One notable factor in their teaser is that nine green dots appear as the radar continues to scan. Two are found in the northern quadrant, three in the east, two in the south, and two in the west. These could represent the nine members of EXO.

EXO’s last album release as a group was back in November 2019, when they released their 6th full album Obsession. That album was released with only six members, as D.O., Xiumin, and Lay were unable to participate.

Many EXO-L are curious what EXO will have in store with this special album, especially because this announcement came as a complete surprise…

… though a few hours prior to the release of the news, member Sehun actually teased the new album. Since he shared the members are also planning solo albums, EXO-Ls have much more to look forward to!

Stay tuned for more updates on EXO’s comeback!