EXO’s Baekhyun Apologizes To Fans, But Fans Don’t Think He Should Have Had To Apologize At All

“I’m so mad that Baekhyun felt the need to say this.”

EXO‘s Baekhyun has always shown his support and love for his fans.

EXO’s Baekhyun | @baekhyunee_exo/Instagram

Recently a pop-up store opened for a character that Baekhyun designed: Teolaegi.

Teolaegi pop-up store | @bbhlover/Twitter
| @bbhlover/Twitter
| @bbhlover/Twitter

Even non-fans loved the pop-up store’s cute aesthetic and design.

| theqoo
  • It’s so cute…
  • Please sell the giant-raegi… I’m weeping daily because I couldn’t buy it two years ago…
  • It’s f*cking cute, crazy… Where is that? I want to go.
  • Gasp, I’m not even a fan but I want to go… I can’t believe that’s an official MD doll. The quality is so cute…
  • I want to have it… It’s objectively cute.
  • I’m not a fan but I bought a few just cuz it’s so cute.
  • It’s really cute… But the mole is increasingly looking like a watermelon seed LOL.

And Baekhyun also surprised fans by organizing a group order for his favorite brand of socks after fans expressed an interest in them.

Fans were grateful for Baekhyun’s continual attempts to create meaningful moments for his fans.

But, some netizens were unhappy with the price of items at his Teolaegi store and saw the socks group order as a way to keep selling things to fans.

So Baekhyun turned to a messaging app to apologize to anyone upset at the prices, reassuring fans that his goal isn’t to make money from them but that he just wants these meaningful moments with them.

I’m not trying to use Eris to make money… When selling the Americanos, I told them to please make them reasonable prices, not like the unreasonable prices of my previous merch. The socks, too… It came up out of nowhere. I thought, ‘Oh, I hope my Eris can buy my favorite socks at a cheap price too!’ Honestly, I was prepared for negative reactions. But it didn’t matter; if you can buy them cheaply because of me, that’s all that matters!

— Baekhyun

He also apologized if “it seemed like [he] was trying to make money like a seller” but explained that he thought a pop-up store and a socks group order would be a nice way to create memories for fans. Baekhyun even mentioned how he tried to reduce the price to make it more convenient for fans.

And I asked the sock company to lower the price as much as possible because I don’t need to receive any money… I just enjoy spending time with my Eris. That’s the happiest moment for me, and I hope nobody covers it up with a different story… I’m sorry if it seemed like I was trying to make money like a seller, but since I can’t perform or meet you offline, I wanted to repay you in some other way. I don’t want you to feel empty. I know waiting is tough.

— Baekhyun

Fans immediately rushed to Baekhyun’s defense, reassuring the idol that they were grateful for all he does for them.

Pointing out that Baekhyun isn’t the one in control of the pricing.

They are reassuring him that they will always support him, especially since he’s always shown so much consideration for them.


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