EXO’s Baekhyun Comforts Fans Who Are Devastated That They Can’t Meet Him

Baekhyun is such a sweetheart.

In the midst of the coronavirus causing great worry in Korea, EXO‘s Baekhyun steered the attention away from it for a little while with words of comfort directed at his devasted fans.

Korea’s number of coronavirus cases has reached 7869, causing many gatherings to be canceled including idol events and fan meetings.

As such, EXO fans began trending the hashtag, #IMissYouEXO as an online letter to their favorite idols.

And in response to the fans’ calling of longing, Baekhyun responded to them himself.

I miss you all. I miss you!!

– Baekhyun

He made fans’ hearts flutter even harder by adding the meaning behind his message.

You said you missed EXO, so I wanted to tell you that I miss you, too!

– Baekhyun

Furthermore, Baekhyun added that he’s currently recording new music.

I’m recording OO right now!

– Baekhyun


In response to Baekhyun’s sweet message, fans are leaving comments such as “He’s so lovable“, “How do you not fall for him“, and “Wow, that’s crazy“.

Not only is Baekhyun the sweetest, but it won’t be long before he blesses us with new music!

Source: Insight