EXO’s Baekhyun Personally Initiated A DM To Comedian Kim Hae Jun To Thank Him

Baekhyun is a fan of this comedian.

Comedian Kim Hae Jun posted a gorgeous Instagram story of the blooming cherry blossoms. He made sure to include some background music for the scenic view.

As Kim Hae Jun used the song “Privacy” by EXO‘s Baekhyun, Baekhyun couldn’t help but send a little DM over. He even posted a screenshot of the conversation with the caption, “I’m being won over by Jun…. Junnie hyung who’s kind…” Baekhyun delivered the message to Kim Hae Jun’s sub-account.

Thank you for putting my song into your Instagram story!!! Thank you too, for making so many people, including myself, laugh and be happy without getting tired out yourself. Although this will probably be only a small strength to you, I will be cheering you on so so so much!! hehe. Hwaiting!

— Baekhyun

Kim Hae Jun also made sure to thank Baekhyun.

Baekhyun, this is Jun. I am a fan who listens to your song and gains comfort as well as a peace of mind. I am so grateful for your support. I will too, as always, cheer you on and live happily as your fan. I hope that you will live every day, with your smile never leaving your lips…! I am so grateful for your message. Have a good day, the famous Baekhyun…!!

— Kim Hae Jun

Kim Hae Jun currently runs a popular YouTube segment that features fake blind dates with the various characters he comes up with. He also appears on many other comedic shows. It seems Baekhyun is an avid fan, even imitating him once during a fansign.

What a sweet interaction!