EXO’s Baekhyun Has Been Considering Getting A Tattoo, But He’s Not Sure He’ll Go Through With It

He’s already proven that he looks amazing with them, though.

EXO‘s Baekhyun shared his driving playlist with EXO-Ls (nicknamed Eris) in his latest Kyoongtube update, and the fourth song he played was “Tattoo” by Jukjae.

“Tattoo” was a song recommended to him by an EXO-L, and he instantly took a great liking to it. He loves it so much he still listens to it years later and hopes to share it with other EXO-Ls.

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Baekhyun then shared that he’s wanted to get a tattoo for a while now.

I think it would be really pretty to have several meaningful and small tattoos.

— Baekhyun

While Baekhyun has yet to get a real tattoo, he’s worn several fake tattoos over the years, and perhaps his favorite ones are the cursive tattoos of his life philosophies: “Have courage,” “Be brave be humble,” and “Fearless.” Even though they were temporary, the simple but elegant design and placement make it easy for Eris to imagine Baekhyun turning the fake tattoos into a reality.

However, Baekhyun is hesitant to go through with his desire. Like all things, tattoos are easy to keep on getting after you get your first one done, but it’s hard for Baekhyun to get over that initial hurdle. After all, tattoos are permanent, so you want to have tattoos that won’t lead to regret.

Another reason why he’s hesitant is that he can’t decide what he wants to have for his first tattoo. With his desires and concerns fighting within his mind, Baekhyun doesn’t think he’ll go through with his decision to get a tattoo, but then again, there’s an equal chance that he will.

Whatever his decision is, it won’t change anything about who he is. But as most EXO-Ls know, if he does get a tattoo, his charisma will become even more powerful.

it girl! — Everyone say thank you to KoKoBop Baekhyun ✦ KKB 3...

Baekhyun’s fake tattoos have mostly been on his neck, and every look drives fans wild. Baekhyun might be a fluffy, puppy-like person who melts the hearts of everyone with his cuteness, but he’s also incredibly handsome and alluring.

If Bakehyun decides to get tattoos, EXO-Ls better prepare their hearts for the sharp increase in his already dangerously attractive visuals.


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